Lincoln Elementary School

732 Chestnut Street

Springfield, MA  01107


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CONNECT to the Internet BEFORE Logging In the First Time 

The first time you turn on your SPS laptop, when the log-in screen appears, DO N0T LOG IN.

Instead, click the internet icon in the lower right corner of the screen  and connect to a wireless network (your home network or xfinitywifi).  Once you see an icon showing a connection , wait 2 minutes and then log-in to the computer.  If you log-in without being connected the first time, the log-in may not work.  This is because the first time a student is logging in, the computer needs to reach back to our network and verify the student’s identity.

 Connect to the SPSWIFI Network and Restart 

Because SPS laptops are configured to regularly connect to the SPS network, sometimes problems can be resolved simply by connecting directly to SPSWIFI and restarting your computer once or twice (so updates or settings can download and install).  If you’re having some issues with your computer, make sure it is fully charged, and drive or walk to the nearest SPS school.  Once in the parking lot, connect to the SPSWIFI, wait a few minutes and then restart your computer twice.  This will often resolve issues with logging-in or otherwise using your computer.

Welcome to Lincoln Elementary School!

Lincoln Elementary School is located in the North End Neighborhood in Springfield. We are located at 732 Chestnut Street, directly across the street from our partner business, Baystate Hospital. We are an elementary school serving 400 students in grades K-5.